Model : 024634-001

Bio aerator

* 1.8 liter water consumption in 1 minute.


* Soluble in nature


* The only product in the bio plastic field


* 350-400 tons of water saving in 1 year in one tap


* It can be composted in nature without any chemical treatment.


* They protect the fossil sources, which provide the unique potential of carbon neutrality.


* It contains less toxic substances.


* It does not contain carcinogenic substances in fossil fuels.


* It does not constitute a negative factor for health.


* Greenhouse gas reduces emission by 75%.


* It provides a positive effect on global warming.


* It releases less carbon dioxide.


* 100% Renewable raw material.


* It can mix into the soil in maximum 45 days and become compost (fertilizer).


Consumption: 1 min / 1.8 liters

1-year warranty

Model :023446-001








The outer circle is made of copper.

Consumption: 1 min / 0.85 liters

2 years warranty