We protect our clean water resources and nature.

Those who think what the savings change in just 1 tap ...

* Our products save approximately 350-400 tons of water in 1 tap in 1 year.


If we manage to extend TRY in all faucets in Turkey, the annual amount of water-saving water means saving 40 billion tonnes.



The annual water consumption of our country is 112 billion tons.



1520 tons of water per person per year. We can increase this amount over 2000 tons.

* Calculated on a tap that runs continuously for 2 hours daily.

Delifer Energy Products

Our company is built on the principle of energy generation and protection of all kinds of clean water resources that constitute the cornerstone of our living resource.

Positive benefit to energy consumption

Protects our clean water sources

It is a product that is friendly with nature.

Carbon emission is low with its raw material obtained from olive seeds.

* We spend 10 tons of water per year while shaving. Annual water consumption with Delifer Energy 1 ton


* If we wash vegetables and fruits under open tap in 1 year, we will spend 18 tons of water. 1.8 tons of water is consumed with Delifer Energy.


* The tap you leave open while brushing your teeth consumes 12 tons of water per year. Delifer Energy consumes 1.2 tons of water.